Why is an Electric Scooter NOT Ideal for Long-Distance Travel?

4 min readJul 26, 2022


Electric scooters are fantastic solutions for short-distance transportation. But they are not yet the greatest when it comes to long-distance travel. Additionally, as infrastructure is a crucial component in this, it varies from state to state and from country to country.

We’ll go through all the reasons why we don’t yet think electric scooters are a practical means of long-distance transportation. But in a few years, I’m sure I’ll need to update this post!

1. Charging Station

If you’re driving a long distance, finding charging outlets along the route should be a top priority. Unfortunately, not all of our cities have such a sophisticated infrastructure for electric scooters.

The number of e-scooter ports in urban areas where you may charge your scooter is growing quickly. However, only a few nations worldwide are engaged in the construction of such infrastructure.

2. Cost

The cost of purchasing an electric scooter with a range of 150–200 km and higher is high. If producers import the majority of the components for electric scooters, the price may be too expensive in some developing nations.

However, if the production facility and the complete supply chain are domestic, the cost may be manageable.

Many nations cannot now afford it.

3. No Back-Ups Like an e-Bike

If your electric bike’s battery charge runs out, you have a backup plan. To complete the remainder of the journey, you may always pedal.

You lack that versatility while using an electric scooter, though. The answer is yes, but how long can you use it as a kick scooter?

Because of this, if the trip is greater than 100 kilometers, I do not advise using an electric scooter for it.

4. Range

The majority of electric scooters on the market have a range of up to 100 km, so you may confidently plan a route of up to 70–80 km. However, if the distance is too great, you must choose from a limited number of market models.

5. Charging Time

The majority of electric scooters require 5 to 6 hours to completely charge. You must plan ahead for the charging time because if you completely empty the battery before getting to the next dock or station, you will need to take a long pause to recharge it.

However, several electric scooters today offer quick charging capabilities. You should think about getting one with rapid charging capabilities if you think it’s a good alternative.

6. Design

Before using an electric scooter for long-distance trips, design is a key consideration. The majority of the models closely resemble kick scooters in design. These versions are certainly lightweight, portable, and simple to use, but they are not appropriate for long-distance travel. For long distances, comfort is necessary. Additionally, comfort is not a concern in the design of these scooters.

The good news is that many models have conventional scooter designs that they have adopted. These scooters are considerably more comfortable for long-distance travel.

Manufacturers solely focus on conventional designs to make their electric scooters compliant with the legislation in some nations where kick scooters are prohibited.

7. Uphill Terrain

If you reside in the highlands and the roads have a steep incline, you cannot ride your electric scooter for an extended period of time. To operate an electric scooter uphill, you often require a lot of motor power. Let’s assume your e-scooter has a range of 100 miles, but if the slope is too steep, it can only travel 40 km.

If you live in the highlands and want to go on a long journey that is more than 100 kilometers, an electric scooter might not be the ideal choice.


Electric scooters are not the ideal alternative for long-distance travel if you consider traveling more than 100km, as we can see so many considerations. Generally speaking, if you are used to pedaling bikes, which you can get from sites like Shopify, electric bikes may be a better alternative.

Additionally, because you’ll always have a backup plan, it will significantly lower many other risk factors in the middle. Alternatively, if you feel at ease, you can only utilize your battery power when you are worn out.




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