Trends in Wedding Gowns

4 min readOct 23, 2021

Throughout her life, every girl fantasizes about her wedding day. In her mind, she has everything precisely arranged. She wants her soon-to-be husband to fall in love with her all over again. And the bridal gown plays a significant part in this. One of the most important aspects of the ceremony is this. It might be difficult to choose the ideal wedding gown. It is chosen not just by you, but also by your family, since you simply cannot let anybody down. But don’t worry; I’ve created a list of some of the most popular wedding gown styles, both Indian and Western. Take some ideas from them and start hunting for yours right now!

1. A-Line Dress

These gowns appear to be incredibly lovely and classy. They’re body-fitting at the top and then flow down freely and loosely to the bottom. A-Line Dresses are ideal for women with pear-shaped bodies since they don’t adhere to the body from the bust area to the feet.

2. Mermaid Dress

These gowns are said to be incredibly glamorous. Such costumes may be seen in movies and television shows since they are quite dramatic. People will find it difficult to look away from such an outfit. These are fitted until the thighs and then flow out gracefully.

3. Crème and White Lehenga

For many years, this was the hue that was looked down upon. However, it is currently fashionable. After red, this is the most popular hue for lehengas. Goldwork embroidered lehengas are so lovely and graceful that ladies nowadays like to wear them during their weddings. This eBay alternative allows you to purchase stunning designer lehengas for yourself. There are many lovely and exquisite styles available. So go ahead and have a look!

4. Pink and Peach Lehenga

Pink is most girls’ favorite shade when they are young. Isn’t it amazing since it’s all the rage these days? You have the option of incorporating it into your most precious day. This hue is flattering on all skin tones and makes you seem radiant. Pink hue never fails to wow, whether it’s for a day or a night event.

5. Ball Gown

These are the types of gowns worn by Disney Princesses. If you’re a Disney lover, you should definitely check out these gowns. It will add drama to the entire scene, and you will feel like a Disney princess. Ball dresses are appropriate for women of all shapes and sizes. It will make your waist appear thinner, and it is also quite classic.

6. Red and Wine Lehenga

Red is a beautiful hue for girls who don’t like to explore and prefer to stick to tradition. You may pick the wine color by digging a bit further. On your wedding day, it will make you appear stunning, graceful, and romantic. Furthermore, you will not need to hunt for additional hues when selecting lehengas.

So it brings us to the conclusion of this topic. I hope these trends have provided you with some ideas. Go on a hunt and buy what you find. Whatever lehenga you choose, I am confident you will look like a beauty on your wedding day.