Top 5 Worth-Watching Movies for Writers

4 min readOct 27, 2021

Movies provide an escape from reality, as well as inspiration and motivation to achieve greater success in life. We are moved by movies, whether they be action, humor, horror, drama, romance, or anything in between.

If you’re a writer or want to be one, here’s a list of five films with engaging and witty writing.

Inception (2010)

The complexity of this film and the plot written leave us perplexed since it is a classic Christopher Nolan’ style film that leads to infinite ideas and befuddlement of the mind. As the title implies, this film is based on a work of fiction that appeals to a wide range of audiences. Based on the convoluted storylines throughout the film, this is an absolute must-see for all authors out there. As a writer, I can confidently state that this film is among the finest ever written in the history of cinema.

Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island is an intense thriller, action, and mystery film set in 1954, directed by one of Hollywood’s best directors, Martin Scorsese. The narrative of the film revolves around two US marshals who are dispatched to a secluded island asylum for the criminally ill to investigate the disappearance of a patient. As terrifying as it sounds, this raw and powerful film has one of the most shocking stories twists ever created. This film was directed by Martin Scorsese and is based on a novel by Dennis Lehane. A word of caution for those seeing the film: be prepared for the most perplexing sequence, which takes place in the “Lighthouse.” To avoid giving too much away, Shutter Island is so wonderfully written that you will want to read the novel as well, even if the movie is perplexing.

Scorsese’s direction is so good in this film that the tension lasts all the way to the conclusion.

Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club is a film that piques our interest and makes us wonder what will happen next. Fight Club is a 1999 action thriller directed by David Flincher and distributed in the United States.

Because of the intense combat sequences and the key revelation at the conclusion, Fight Club was designated one of the most controversial films of 1999. As gripping as the film is, the writing is genuinely extraordinary, with several narrative twists and instances when we have no idea what is going on. Fight Club is such a thought-provoking film that one can’t help but question, “How could someone create this and then explain it?”

When I initially saw the film, it easily surpassed every anticipation I had for it. Fight Club must be in your top three movies to watch if you’re a writer because of how well the writing captivates us. The narrator’s dialogues are so well-written that we must grasp every word in order to comprehend the film.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

If you enjoy films with pleasant and fulfilling endings as well as excellent writing, Shawshank Redemption is the film for you. The story follows a prosperous banker who is accused of the deaths of his wife and her boyfriend and condemned to life in prison at Shawshank. He develops into the most unusual prisoner. From the photography to the narrative, everything about this picture is flawless. While viewing this film, I was struck by the beauty of how a twist ending so large and unexpected could be depicted so well. Shawshank Redemption’s finale is both shocking and dramatic, not to mention Morgan Freeman’s great narration.

Se7en (1995)

A serious film based on the Bible’s seven deadly sins, in which a serial murderer murders victims in the order of the seven deadly sins. The responsibility of apprehending the offender is split between two detectives, one new to the city and the other set to retire. This crime picture is on the list because of the exceptional writing of the storyline. As the narrative indicates, Seven is a film about brutal murders, but the writing of the plot twists is so great that the finale is sad and unbelievable. If you’re a writer, I strongly advise you to watch this film because of the structure of the writing and the surprises that await you.

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