The Best of 2024 Smart Watches Till Date

5 min readApr 20, 2024


● Garmin Venu 2

One of the best Garmin watches available today is the Garmin Venu 2, priced at ₹39,490. It can also be called a smartwatch as well as a running watch; it balances advanced workout-tracking tools with essential everyday apps. This watch emphasizes wellness with its all-day stress monitoring and essential everyday apps. This is a watch that caters the best to runners. The watch’s unique feature is a running Body Battery energy score, as a reminder to take care of your mental health. Unlike other competitors, the watch’s GPS tracker is pinpoint accurate, providing highly detailed maps. The watch provides some great useful inbuilt apps and advanced tools like Garmin Coach. As mentioned before, this model is a win-win for runners as it provides features like auto-pause, and split recording, which are not present in similarly priced competitors of the watch. Swimmers using the watch will benefit from underwater heart-rate monitoring, stroke type detection, and pool metrics. The watch has a super crisp AMOLED display with a high resolution, and you can choose between 44mm and 40mm case sizes. The large ones come in two colors: slate with a black case and granite blue with a matching case. The small one has four color options: graphite with a slate bezel, light sand with a light gold bezel, mist grey with a silver bezel, and white with a rose gold bezel. The watch is one of the best buys in the price range, as it provides innumerable features for when you switch on your sporty mode and a relaxed look for parties or casual hangouts.

● Apple Watch SE

An avid Apple fan on a tight budget? Fear you not because we have got you. Instead, Apple has got you. Retailed at ₹34,900, the Apple Watch SE gives you a flagship Apple watch experience at a comparatively lower price. The watch is powered by Apple’s latest processor, the same one present in its series eight watches. Besides the price, a unique selling factor of this product is its car-crash detection factor and a tweaked design. The watch comes in 40mm and 44 mm options and comes in 3 case colors: Midnight, Starlight, and Silver. It misses a few features, one being the always-on display. The biggest thing missing in this model is the on-screen QWERTY keyboard which helps to respond to texts quickly when away from the phone. The back of the watch has been redesigned, giving it a more premium look. This watch, however, includes all the basic features of a regular Apple watch and is a good choice if you want a cheaper one. Apple has provided the model with the same 18-hour battery life as the series 8. The watch is swim-proof and supports many exercise modes, sleep tracking, etc. Overall, this watch is one of the best buys out there.

● Polar Grit X Pro

A bit on the pricier side, this watch in line would make you want to spend your entire fortune on it. Retailed at ₹57,987, the Polar Grit X Pro is one of those durable watches, even in the worst of conditions, be it a ski trip or your latest hike. Packed with superior navigational features and features like contactless payments or cellular connectivity, this watch might be the one you’ve been looking for. It does provide you with some flashy looks besides being a fully functional fitness watch. This watch speaks that style doesn’t come at the expense of durability. It provides a rather significant 47mm stainless steel case with three color variants: Black DLC, Nordic Copper, and Arctic Gold. This watch has a sapphire glass display, is water resistant up to 328 feet, and can operate between -4 and 122 degrees. Indeed, the watch is made for the extremes. It comes packed with a 346mAh battery providing a decently long battery life. It might not be the most innovative smartwatch, but it has a nice mix of fitness tests, training data, and navigation options. This watch includes deco detailing and adds numbers and compass icons on the dial to make it look more outdoorsy. The watch has also been tested to MIL-STD810G military standards, showing that it’s built for rugged use.

● Garmin Epix 2

This watch, another pricier watch retailed at ₹1,11,990 on the official website, is a top-end fitness watch. The watch does complement its price, however. It comes with an AMOLED display, long battery life, mobile payment options, onboard music storage, and much more. It is yet again one of the best GPS watches. This watch has a sapphire crystal lens, a titanium case, and 32GB storage. This watch has a 47mm case, making it larger than most smartwatches. Made for extensive and rough uses, the watch has some pretty good health and fitness features. It comes packed with a blood oxygen sensor that keeps tabs on your health all the time. Like Apple Watches, this watch will signal that if your heart rate is abnormally high or low, it regularly stays. This watch also gives a body battery rating, which is a chart of all your energy levels, determining how slow or complex you should be running or exercising. The watch also keeps tabs on your stress levels and helps maintain your mental health. When synced with Garim’s smartphone app, it also keeps track of women’s menstrual levels. Unlike other watches, this watch has a feature that, by default, turns off its touchscreen when you start an activity, like running. It can be turned back on again. Overall, this watch is Garim’s first watch sporting an AMOLED display, and even though it falls short at some points, compared to Apple or Samsung wearables, they did a good job considering the first time. Many remarkable men preferred this watch over any other, so why not?

Final Thoughts

Owning an intelligent wearable these days is like owning a gym instructor who keeps your calories in check, a mini hospital set up, keeping tabs on your health at all times, and a fitness checker in one little device. A decade ago, no one would’ve imagined owning a watch that does all these. Starting from mid-range to flagship, the article covers a few rather exciting picks of smartwatches for you with extensive features. Owning a smartwatch is like a one-time investment; buy one, and you’re all set. Some watches can even detect car crashes! Wow! So, what are you waiting for? Get yours only from TrueGether, the best alternative to eBay.