Let’s Talk About the World’s Oldest Known Jewelry — Beads!

3 min readFeb 19, 2024

Have you ever noticed how beautifully beads are stringed together in such a way that they enhance each other’s beauty as well as the beauty of the beholder? The jewelry and even the clothes that are made up of some gorgeous beadwork look really aesthetic and mark a style statement too. The variety of beads of different sizes, shapes, and colors opens up a wide range of opportunities for the makers. Because of their tremendous variety, beads can be put together in any desired way to create adorable items. The durability of the beads made them survive through ancient times thus, securing a position in the archaeological records.

Inquisitiveness does wonder!

About 100,000 years ago, that’s quite a time long before ours, when no written records existed, our ancestors left behind their handmade beauties for us. Many artifacts have been excavated, some have their history deciphered, and some are still left undeciphered. Along with many artifacts, our prehistoric family left behind beads which have a lot to tell us. The journey of these beads initiated from the seas. Our ancestors traveled a long distance from Israel toward the sea. Their motive was to gather diverse items that would be beneficial for them.

During their search, they found shells of snails which further inspired their inquisitiveness. After their return, they tried to make the best use of these shells thus, they put in all their creativity and skills to make something innovative. Their innovation came out to be a great success as we can see in today’s world as well! They managed to perforate the shells to create certain ornaments. It’s really amazing to think about how beautifully the ideas come out to be an adorable outcome. This innovation of our ancestors gave birth to the world’s oldest known jewelry.

Explore your creativity with the beads!

Prehistoric humans gradually started creating necklaces, armlets, girdles, and bracelets and nowadays these beads are used as decorative items for clothes as well. Many civilizations and cultures have utilized these beads for various purposes. Some used them for religious purposes, some valued it as a precious element to be owned only by the elites and some used it as a medium of exchange in the barter system.

Whatever has been the past, we are the current owners of these beauties and we have all the rights to practice beadwork and create anything of our choice. There are various techniques used for beadwork such as loom and off-loom weaving, bead embroidery, crochet, knitting, and tatting. All these techniques can be used to create pieces of jewelry and decorative items also, you are free to explore and innovate any new technique that would be more exciting and convenient. To support all the creative heads here, TrueGether has maintained a website from where you can buy beads and other jewelry-making materials at a very reasonable cost. We will never let you wait for too long, we do everything that is in your best interest and try to give your orders at your doorsteps as soon as possible. We are proudly called the best eBay alternative of this era!

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