Let’s Take a Break and Do Something Constructive!

3 min readAug 31


It is essential to be aware of what you do with your time on a daily basis.

With the shift to online learning, a student’s daily routine has changed drastically. According to some studies, kids who learn from home spend almost five more hours each day on smart devices. Not only is this an unprecedented physical danger, but it also jeopardizes mental health, attention, drive, and intrinsic curiosity.

Finding activities that teach you something even when you are not actively studying from a coursebook — or a screen — is one approach to break out from this rut. Here are some things you may do in your leisure time to enhance your motivation and productivity.

· Set Aside a Specific Studying Hour Every Day, Depending on Your Learning Style — If you’re a visual learner, read or speed read to get more information in. Podcasts and audiobooks are great for auditory learners. Because of the rapid advancement of technology, there are a plethora of online courses available to study anything that interests you.

· Young Individuals also Spend a Significant Amount of Time on Social Media Platforms — If you must do so, be cautious about who you follow. Examine whether they bring value to your life and provide you with fresh information. Do they help you to think more clearly, be more productive, and be more inspired? Remember to take a break every now and then to maintain your overall productivity.

· Virtual Tours and Documentaries have Brought what was before Geographically Distant Closer — View educational documentaries about history, geography, environment, science, and culture while touring some of the world’s most famous museums, art galleries, and attractions.

· Move Your Body — Exercising has been shown to increase memory and immunity. Indoor sports, dancing, yoga, skipping rope, and running are examples of physical activities that may provide a respite from boredom, keep your mind busy, and even teach you a new skill. Many fitness experts on social media can assist you in staying in shape without the need for equipment.

· Journaling Everything — According to Harvard research, people who journal every day improve their overall performance by 25%. You can write about the pandemic’s particular difficulties and learning experiences. This will not only help you emotionally but will also improve your writing and presenting abilities.

· Declutter — To help you concentrate and feel in control, declutter your surroundings.

· Board Games — Enjoy time with family and friends while connecting over exciting games like Cash Flow, which will also help you acquire important money management skills.

· Volunteer — Help out in your community by volunteering for a cause that you care about.

· Learn as an Intern — Take advantage of every opportunity to intern in a company or in an area that interests you. Real-life experience is invaluable, and the lessons learned are limitless.

· Nature’s Love — Garden herbs, native plants, and shrubs, flowers, or even indoor plants to get closer to nature. Develop an interest in the birds and animals you see, as well as those you don’t see anymore.

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