Lesser-Known Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

3 min readJan 10, 2023

Starting to play an instrument is like the beginning of a new journey. It is not only enthralling and exciting but also filled with a lot of dedication, hard work as well as the struggle to master that particular instrument. You will get to learn a lot of new information and develop new skills.

It is understandable to feel discouraged and demotivated while learning any new skill. So, here I have listed down a few benefits of playing any musical instrument. Always remember these and you will never feel the same. Also, keep practicing regularly, even for 10 minutes on days when you are super busy. It will keep you on track and calm your mind. It is so worthwhile playing a musical instrument!

Stress Reduction

Music is considered super effective to lower stress levels. Studies have proved that listening to relaxing music lower ‘cortisol’ also known as the stress hormone. If you get stressed out easily, playing an instrument and listening to your own music is a real stress buster and takes your mind off all the unwanted thoughts.

Patience and Perseverance

The process of learning and playing an instrument is not at all easy. You need to put the whole of your mind into it. Your body also plays an integral role as you get to leaning finger placements and chord shapes. You develop the technique and learn new information. Keep practicing consistently and you will find yourself improving on a daily basis. With the progress you make, keep rewarding yourself and it will keep you motivated.

Creativity Cultivation

Music is no less than art. Think of music as a language. The more words you’ll learn, the more you will be able to express. With a little practice, you’ll be able to produce your own music and express it with your own voice. Isn’t that mesmerizing? Music is not just technical cords and knowing to play some specific songs, it is expressing your emotions and feelings.

Immune System Strengthening

Studies have proven that listening to music and playing any musical instrument results effectively in increasing the immune system. Well, that’s the need of today’s world too! You get to develop and manufacture the antibody Immunoglobulin-A. It is a natural virus killer in our bodies. Whenever you’re feeling low, go and pick up your favorite musical instrument and start playing.

Increases Discipline in Life

Learning to play an instrument is not an overnight process. You need to spend days and nights consistently to see the results. We all have heard that practice makes a man perfect. Discipline is the most required to show dedication and hard work. Practicing regularly will make you disciplined, focused, and career-oriented. You will elevate the quality of your life.

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