Incredible Benefits of Journaling and Why You Should Start It Right Away!

There used to be a time when we used to rush back from school, crawl into our beds hurriedly and write whatever happened to us all day in our ‘dear diary’! But those days are long gone. We grew up and everything changed. But you know what, journaling is again making a huge comeback and is a trendsetter these days. It has so many mental benefits and relaxes our souls incredibly. Well, if you haven’t journaled for quite some time or haven’t done it at all, here are a few tips and benefits which will inspire you to develop the habit.

1. Memory Keeper

Well, it is obvious that journaling will be a memory keeper. It will serve as the archive of your life. It will literally store your life story into a book form and physical chapters. You can hold it and read it again. Isn’t it such an incredible thing?

2. Helps in Becoming Self-Aware

Journaling is the ultimate tool to figure out who you are. It is you pouring your thoughts that are kind of this ephemeral cloudy thing, you are physicalizing your thoughts onto a page. It is the ultimate way to discover yourself as you learn, as you change, and as you grow.

3. Helps in Dealing with Anxiety

Journaling helps with any kind of past trauma or any kind of healing. It is the key for those suffering from anxiety, depression, or any kind of mental health issues. It helps you log, track, and explore that kind of trauma or healing. It is totally a safe space.

4. It will Increase your Writing Ability

Writing is super important in our day and age. With the increase of technology and the kind of information that is made available, you need to be able to synthesize information and set it back out in your own words. And even by practicing writing, and I don’t mean formal writing in your journal, you will become a better writer and you will probably surprise yourself when you’ll end up writing poetry or prose all by yourself! It will make you a better creative writer for sure.

5. Healthiest Way to Get Out all of Your Emotions

Journaling is the way in which you can release any kind of anger, sadness, rage, or anything you might be feeling to anyone in your life. This is the healthiest way to get it down on paper. You could scribble or use a pink sharpie and fill up an entire journal in one day because why not!? This is the safest way to release all of that without hurting other people in your life. You kind of process what you might want to say to them before you just spit it out.

6. Your Personal Space

Journaling is a space for you and you alone. Most people, whether you live with your roommates or your family, might not have a totally safe space that is sacred and totally yours. Journaling belongs to no one else, but you. And that is a really important component that you feel like. No matter what, at the end of the day you have this safe space to totally be your authentic, real, raw, vulnerable self.

Well, this list is endless! If you want to get your hands on a premium quality journal diary, please check out TrueGether, which is the best eBay alternative out there.

Happy Journaling!



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