How to Keep Your Stuff Organized in Place?

3 min readNov 27, 2023

This is a secret! It doesn’t have to be difficult to stay ordered. You should do some practical tasks to keep it in order in your life. These principles can be applied to nearly any big or small organizational case. Then note when you clean up the whole house or just stretch a small area within a room.

If staying organized is your habit but you end up having more stuff at the end of the day, this blog is for you. Even if you are not as organized, but want to start being so, your life will be changed for good and you will be happy with your decision.

It is very simple, just keep reading the 5 important tips for an organized lifestyle!

1. Keep Stuff as Less as You Can

Did you ever notice the organization of minimalist homes? If you have fewer things, it is much easier to keep order. Nevertheless, you don’t have to stop at a few things (unless you want to), remove all but the necessities from your home office, or get rid of toys for your kids. You just have to carry fresh things home very often to get rid of discarded items. You will not miss them. You will not miss them. And you’re not going to miss packing items in full storage capacity by now.

2. Sort Out Similar Items Together

If it is practical, an organizational structure can be easily maintained. Many people like products in groups. That means that you keep the same thing in one location so that you know where you can find it. This principle fits well for daily things, including cooking utensils, tools, and toys. When all things have a place, once you’ve finished using them, you will most certainly put things away quickly.

3. Have a Piling Area

You may bring stressful distress to your home and wreck your organizational attempts with a mess of provisional products you don’t know where to store. Such products can include a donation bag of clothes, library books that must be returned, items to be recycled, or purchases returned to a store. Set up a small staging area to avoid encouraging these things to take your house.

4. Have a Drawer For Spare Items

You will liberate yourself from the burden of sorting small diverse objects in a junk drawer. However, the size of this area can be limited to one or two drawers or small storage boxes. Too many junk spaces will destroy your organizational efforts when they become a site of turmoil. In the space, group like objects, so you know what’s inside. Drawer splitters may help maintain ordered bands of rubber, batteries, twist links, and other small objects.

5. Try Not to Be Perfect Always

For all stages, it is really hard to be completely prepared. But don’t give up if the organization’s efforts aren’t flawless. It is easier to be semi-organized than disordered. For example, if you have no time to file a stack of paper, just straighten it into a tidy stack and place it next to your file files, you can step closer to filing them properly when the time comes. Such small measures could make an ordered life even less overwhelming.

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