How to Add Color To Your Wardrobe in 11 Ways

5 min readSep 8, 2022


Using color effectively may change any ensemble, regardless of what you are wearing. Pops of color are always preferable to neutral clothing, whether they come in the form of a vibrant garment, a gold bracelet, or even a pink hair band.

While we offer every color you could possibly want, you might want to brighten up your outfit a bit. Here are 11 ways for reviving your clothing by adding color.

Make Use of Neutral Backdrops

The greatest option if you’re not used to wearing color is to put together a neutral wardrobe and add one colorful piece. Even a modest quantity of color on a white, grey, or black background may nevertheless have an impact.


Because you can layer them and wear them alone, t-shirts are one of the greatest and simplest methods to add color. T-shirts also come in a variety of forms and styles, and you can use them to either highlight their color or act as a kind of framing.


Wearing colorful socks is another fantastic way to add color. Companies like Stance have dominated the market for colored and pattern socks, producing pairs that resemble works of art.

Additionally, you may wear these socks with a suit or other more formal attire. Even though it is minor, it is still extremely obvious when you walk and your brightly colored socks protrude from under your jeans. It’s a simple detail that makes a significant impact.


Sneakers are made to stand out and draw attention. People will notice your shoes long before they see your clothing, whether they are a pair of Chuck Taylors or Air Jordans.

Since you often don’t have to match the shoe to the outfit unless you want to, using sneakers to add color also gives you a lot of choices.

Backpacks & Handbags

If you want a burst of color but not anything more overt, you may still go the way of colorful accessories. Similar to sneakers, you can wear anything you like and there’s no requirement that your bag or backpack match your clothing.

The objective of many outfits when the bag contrasts with the clothing is to make the bag and the outfit stand out.

Statement Scarves

More subdued and neutral color schemes are frequently used in the winter. Greys, blacks, and off-whites are more prevalent, while bright colors are often used sparingly. Don’t let the frigid weather depress you, though; you may still experience the desired color explosion.

One of the finest accessories for brightening up a Winter ensemble and giving oneself a Summer shine is a statement scarf. Speaking of Summer, silk scarves serve the same purpose and have the same impact whether worn around the neck or draped over the hair.


Many individuals believe that wearing gold or silver tops or skirts is a little bit too daring for them when it comes to these colors. To achieve the desired appearance, you only need a tiny bit of either, though.

Try wearing both gold and silver statement jewelry to determine which complements other colors the best. For instance, the colors gold and green complement each other beautifully, allowing you to wear a stunning green skirt or dress with gold jewelry that stands out against it.

Blended Colors

The next move you might want to make after you start wearing colors is to mix and match them. Making the wrong color choices is a common error, and it may be extremely obvious when you put on the outfit.

Always use colors from opposing sides of the color wheel when matching hues. This is a common technique in art and home design because contrasting colors work well together. Although this rule isn’t always accurate, it is a useful starting point to remember.

Muted Colors

Maybe even after reading all of this, you still have doubts about using strong, brilliant colors. Wearing pastels and subdued colors is a wonderful transitional look, for instance. Though more subdued, these colors are simpler to style and, if desired, mix and match.

Monochrome Styles

On the other hand, wearing a monochrome suit entirely is another approach to wearing color. Denim on denim fashion from the 1980s is a prime example of this, but you may update it as you choose.

Dark reds and greens look wonderful in entire ensembles in particular, whether it is a pantsuit or a shirt and pants.


Another daring method to add color to any ensemble is through prints. They represent the pinnacle of color dressing, whether it is a printed shirt worn under a suit or a patterned skirt. While not everything will match, there are a lot more choices than you may imagine. You can also combine patterns and colors.

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