How is the Beauty Industry Being Affected by Live Streaming?

3 min readJun 29, 2022


The centerpieces of the beauty business have been on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. We are all aware that social media postings with videos are among the most interesting and effective ones. It gives the audience a more personal experience and showcases the brand in a more intimate setting.

Integrating it with live streaming. By establishing a one-on-one interaction that gives us the impression that we are conversing with a buddy, it elevates video marketing to a new level. Observing video in real-time has a unique quality. You experience an online community that goes beyond the following count by feeling like a member of the group. Influencers, companies, and their target audiences are conversing with each other in a two-way fashion. Over the past five years, Livestream shopping has changed the retail sector, and it is now expanding to the United States.

The impact of online communities and influencers is nothing new to the beauty business. In 2022, as beauty companies compete to attract Gen Z, live streaming will play a significant role in their marketing plans. We’re investigating how live streaming, through platforms like Supergreat and influencer initiatives like Amazon Live, is upending the beauty business.

Supergreat and its Famous Supporters

It was just a matter of time before a platform specifically for beauty enthusiasts would be introduced. A video-sharing website called Supergreat offers you the greatest of all possible worlds. Supergreat’s primary feature is live streaming, but it also provides shoppable links and content.

With hundreds of videos highlighting their products, brands including Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Benefit Cosmetics are among the most well-known on the internet. With Supergreat, users can discover brands through the eyes of other beauty enthusiasts and obtain first-hand opinions, suggestions, and instructions.

Scheduled Live streams, also known as live shows or live streams as Supergreat refers to them, foster a feeling of community among beauty enthusiasts and their followers. In 2022, don’t be shocked to see beauty businesses using these live feeds to produce sponsored content.

The fact that you can earn coins for participating in live events or making content for the app is the coolest aspect. Then you may exchange them for cost-free cosmetics from your preferred companies.

Many famous people have supported Supergreat, including Karlie Kloss, Hailey Bieber, Ashley Graham, and Kate Hudson. The platform’s goal is to provide a fresh perspective on the beauty sector by emphasizing live broadcasting.

Livestreaming as a Distinctive Kind of Retail

How frequently do you receive a push notification when an Instagram follower becomes live? Every time we get onto Instagram, we see businesses, influencers, and famous people broadcasting live. Even online shopping sites like Amazon are jumping on the live streaming bandwagon.

Within Amazon’s marketplace, a program called Amazon Live provides live feeds that may be purchased. With the convenience of shoppable links, you may order the goods with just a few clicks by transferring the telemarketing of QVC to the internet. Essentially, it is a TV shopping channel for Generation Z.

On its live streaming platform, Amazon has been collaborating with celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Porsha Williams to offer daily bargains for product categories ranging from cosmetics to fashion and leisure. Even TikTok, through a collaboration with sites like Shopify, has provided its own method for in-app purchasing.

The centerpiece of marketing plans for the beauty sector will be live streaming. Brands and consumers alike benefit from this type of media. It develops a community, allows companies an engaging approach to selling their goods through shoppable links, and fosters a personal experience. Going live is the focus of 2022.




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