Google Home Mini — Small on Round, Big in Value

3 min readNov 27, 2023

The Google Home Mini may have been displaced by the Nest Mini last year, but we don’t think you can dismiss it just yet — not least because there are some great Google Home Mini offers to be had as a result. It’s pretty, it’s tiny, and it was just $49 when it first came out. The Google Home Mini does something that most of the best Bluetooth speakers don’t: it comes with Google Assistant, which is always ready to help you find answers, switch on the music, dim the lights, launch a TV program, and more simply speak.

Of course, if you’re looking for a small Alexa speaker, the Amazon Echo Dot review is a better option! Let us briefly discuss the product, and know why people are crazy over it!

· Design

The cloth mesh on the palm-sized Home Mini seems to be just for display, but it’s actually conducive to your touch in a few places. For instance, tapping the top of the screen pauses and resumes playback. As one would imagine, placing a finger on the left and right sides of the speaker lowers and increases the volume. Finally, if you use your voice or touch to navigate, the Home Mini can light up four LEDs on its top to indicate that your operation has been recorded.

Moving down to the bottom half, the Home Mini has a micro-USB port on the back for charging (this unit, like the Amazon Echo Dot, is battery-free) and a microphone button to turn off active listening, making this a speaker you’ll have to tap to communicate with.

· Performance

The Google Home Mini is the most inexpensive Google Assistant-enabled speaker on the market, and its voice recognition is unaffected by its smaller size and lower price. Whether yelling around the room or softly whispering 10 feet away, the Home Mini delivered excellent results.

It will give a message to your Chromecast to pull up a YouTube video so you can start watching it right away. The Home Mini is also a smart home gateway, as it can connect to Internet of Things (IoT) products from TP-Link, Philips Hue, Wemo, and other manufacturers.

The Google Home app makes it simple to connect and quickly teaches you about the Home Mini, including how it functions and tools that include instant access to a vast range of free audio content. If you just want to use the Home Mini as a pair of Bluetooth speakers, the Google Home app has pairing options, but they’re a little hidden.

It’s easy to start listening after you’ve set up your mobile with the Home Mini. Send the speaker a request for music, being as descriptive or abstract as you’d like, or simply press the Cast button near the top to let your phone’s audio stream directly to the Home Mini.

Through this, it’s hard not to suggest this handy little gadget. The Home Mini’s Assistant smarts, long list of features, and low price make it a no-brainer to buy. People who have bought this, have shared mostly positive reviews, which makes the product a must-buy if you are thinking of it! Get your hands on this eBay alternative, which offers a range of products at amazing deals.