From-Scratch Cook’s Kitchen Essentials: The Kitchen Starter Kit

When you are someone who is just entering the kitchen and learning the art of cooking, it gets a little overwhelming to figure out where to start from. What should be done first? What equipment do you need? What utensils are most required? The list of questions is endless. So, to ease down this process for you, I have prepared a list of cookware that you need to have with you when you just start out with your kitchen. Let’s go through them!

· The Chef’s Knife

The chef’s knife is the most important knife that you’ll have. The problem is that they are really hard to shop for because they come in various shapes and sizes. But at the end of the day, the best chef’s knife is the one that feels perfect to use in your hand. You can also get your hands on a bread knife which will make a lot of your cooking process easier.

· Chopping Board

After the knives, you definitely need a cutting board. Make sure you invest in a good quality board because a bad one can damage your knives. It should be dishwasher safe. They also come in various sizes from bigger ones to smaller ones. You need to choose one according to your requirements and the kitchen size.

· Saucier

These are great if you want to boil pasta, prepare soup, and even prepare tea/coffee. Get one with curvier edges which really ease down the process of making sauces, gravies, and custard. Your whisker can get right there into the curvier sides. Also, it would prevent them from burning across the edges. Invest in a good one because they are going to be your companion for a long time.

· Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainer

It is not meant for just straining water and tea. You can sift the flour in it if you are planning to bake cake or cookies. You can wash and strain vegetables in it. You can also poach eggs in it. You can make fresh cheese in here too! A good strainer is made of stainless steel. It might have a hook on top to ease out your straining process and then later on you can hang it using the hook too!

· Mixing Bowls

They come in a bunch of different sizes. Also, they are super affordable. I’m sure you would have seen one of these in any restaurant’s kitchen. They really quicken and ease out the process of mixing and cooking food which makes them a must-have. You can buy premium quality mixing bowls from TrueGether, which is the best Shopify alternative out there!

· A Bunch of Small Utensils

Other kitchen requirements include bowls, spoons, forks, tongs, wooden scraping spoon, whisk, vegetable peeler, flexible silicone spatula, pepper grinder, and measuring cups to get accurate quantities.

So, get a hand on these cookware and you are good to start off with your kitchen journey. Once you get a hold of cooking, you can surely upgrade your equipment and get more as and when required.



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