Dance Forms That are Easy to Master

Dancing is like a therapy that most of us have been doing since our childhood. It is a stress-buster and a great source of joy. Someone like me can dance for hours without complaining! But have you ever watched someone dance and wonder how they did so efficiently? Well, worry no more! Today I’m going to tell you 5 dance forms that look difficult but are easy and quick to master. There are a lot of dance forms and I have shortlisted the top 5 of them which you can master with a little practice and dedication.

1. Bollywood

Are you a Bollywood fan too? Do you love watching Govinda, Hrithik, Madhuri, and Katrina dance? Then this is the perfect dance form for you; easy to learn. You don’t need to follow any strict rules for this form. Just dance your heart out and enjoy it to the fullest. For most of us, Bollywood has become a part of our lives and that is the reason we don’t find Bollywood dancing too difficult. A lot of dance academies provide proper training to master this dance form. If you want to get proper guidance, try the one near you.

2. Semi-Classical

Semi-Classical is a peaceful and graceful dance form. It has more contemporary feels and persona. The steps done in semi-classical are not that typical and intricate as that of the proper classical dance form. Although the basic postures and positions remain the same, there are quite some relaxations still. It is easier to grasp for beginners. I have been trying to master semi-classical dance forms for the last few months. It looks so graceful and authentic that one cannot resist looking at it. So, it is my personal favorite for sure! And I would recommend you all to try this one out too.

3. Bhangra

This full of the energy dance form, Bhangra, is a gift to the culture of Punjab. It has been loved by people of all ages for centuries. The beats, sparkles, and rhythms can easily make you shake your legs and dance your heart out. There are no typical moves for bhangra. All you need is balance, grace, symmetry, and fun. The fast-paced steps are a delight to watch and perform. You can find various videos and tutorials all over the internet. It is quick and easy to catch. Bhangra is surely a stress-buster and a great source of joy.

4. Freestyle

Freestyle is a dance form in which you just groove on the beat; you’re not following any choreography but you are spontaneously making your body move on the rhythm and beat. This is one such dance form for which there is no wrong way of doing; whatever you do is dance and that is your original piece of dancing. You just need to develop your unique style of dancing which will require some dedication and practice. Soon you’ll be master of your style! Just feel the music and make your body react to those beats. You can check out some famous freestyle dancers and choreographers to get some more ideas. This is one of my favorite styles and I would personally recommend you all to do give it a try.

5. Contemporary

Contemporary dance combines various dance forms including Jass, Ballet, and Lyrical. It is a peaceful dance form whose every step has a story when performed. It has more of the floor work and usually done with bare feet. It also requires a lot of flexibility so keep stretching whenever you get time. Yoga is a great way of increasing your flexibility. These days, choreographers improvise contemporary dance by adding their style and steps. If you want to get proper training in this dance form, try to get proper guidance from an instructor and master the art of contemporary dance. Make sure you look for the right dance class as the level of contemporary dance varies for each age group. Also, practicing at home is important so don’t forget to do that.

6. Hip Hop

Hip Hop comprises the Classical Ballet, Breaking, Locking and Popping, and many more. This dance form is so energetic and amusing to perform. There are various techniques and concepts which are to be taken care of while performing hip hop. Once you’re clear with the basics, this dance style is a cup of tea. Pay close attention to the rhythm and footwork in the earlier stages of your practice. Later on, you can add your styling too. If you are looking for good quality, stretchable dancewear, please visit TrueGether, the best alternative to eBay.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about these dance forms that are quite easy to master. Just put on some effort, dedication, and a lot of practice and you’ll be the best in them.

Happy Dancing!



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