Best Holiday Gifting Ideas

3 min readMay 19, 2021


Just because someone likes luxurious things doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money to gift them something special for the holiday season. With any sort of gift, I always go for things that people won’t necessarily spend their own money on but would really love to have in their lives. So, I think holiday gifting is the perfect opportunity to get something special for special people in your lives. I have listed down certain gifting ideas which might turn out to be useful for you. So, keep reading!

· Designer Costume Jewelry

My recommendation for designer costume jewelry would be something simple that will work with a lot of different people’s styles. You can choose pearl earrings because you cannot go wrong with something like these. There are a ton of different designs and you can explore different designers for beautiful costume jewelry earrings, necklaces, or brooches.

· Luxury Scarf

Scarfs are so warm and look quite substantial. You can get various color options in them. Considering that it is a substantial amount of fabric and how cute they look, I think it can be a great item to gift and such a good deal when you are trying to get something that will keep you warm and complete your outfit. So, for those who reside in colder regions, I think this is an absolute must-consider.

· Perfume

I think you should consider perfume for someone that you’re pretty close to because perfume can be a very personal choice and a personal thing to have. People do like certain types of scents and also certain scents can react differently to people’s body chemistry so, I think it has to be someone that you’re very close to that you’re gifting this to. Get the one that lasts all day. You can choose the best quality perfumes from sites like eBay and grab up the best deals.

· Double Facets Mirror

The double facets mirror has one side magnifying and the other side is a normal mirror. It is such a handy tool to take around with you especially in the festive season. We do wear a bit more makeup during some special occasions and when we’re out and about at parties and whatnot, this mirror is so handy you might just want to top up on your lipstick or just check on yourself. It is such a novelty mirror.

· Experience Gift Voucher

My favorite options are usually things like facial vouchers or spa vouchers. You can select your desired amount and someone can have a really nice experience. It’s not a tangible gift but it’s a luxury experience that you can gift to someone. Most of us don’t readily fork out a couple of hundred dollars so that we can have a day out at the spa or something. So, it is another great consideration that will force someone to relax and have a really nice day.

So, these were my recommendations on holiday gifts for luxury lovers. I hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed reading it. So, gift your loved ones amazing holiday gifts and make them feel special!




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