8 Realistic Lifestyle Tips to Replace Your Resolutions for the New Year

4 min readJan 7, 2023

New Year’s resolutions begin with tremendous optimism, but frequently they turn into debilitating anxieties that make you feel miserable. What if you started 2023 by putting more of an emphasis on your comfort and well-being with a few simple, doable improvements? Check them out here!

Remove any Tripping Risks from the Area.

May you never experience the humiliation of face-planting in your own house in 2023. Loose carpets have a significant role in falls, one of the main causes of unintentional injury among older individuals. Purchasing a nice rug pad for any floor coverings that don’t already have a nonskid, rubberized backing can not only help save you and your visitors from tripping, but it will also help your rug last longer and feel better underfoot. Similarly, think about replacing any standing desk or kitchen mats that have frayed edges.

Place Trackers on the Items You often Lose (or are Most Afraid of Losing).

Delegate tracking that object to a Bluetooth tracker and save Future ‘You’ the stress of looking for lost stuff, whether it’s your phone, wallet, keys, pocketbook, pet, or anything else you simply can’t manage to go a day without losing. Tile trackers, which come in a range of sizes and shapes and can be purchased for far under $30 each; employ Bluetooth technology to locate the location of an object.

Automate the Lighting in Your House.

Speaking of lights, plug-in smart outlets and smart bulbs would likely be beneficial if you’ve ever felt agitated or concerned after leaving a light on after coming home or going to bed. Although they are quite simple to operate, these devices might seem scary to people who haven’t experimented with smart-home technology. Simply download the app and connect your smartphone through Wi-Fi to get started. Now, wherever you go, you can use your phone to check if you switched off the lights and disconnected the electricity from any outlets.

Toxic-Free Hydration

In our experience, strategic planning is essential to consume more water throughout the day. Consider the reasons why you aren’t consuming enough liquids and hunt for a simple fix. Your water could be too hot. Or perhaps you need to keep refilling your bottle? You could discover that drinking water that is cold and carbonated increases your propensity to do so. Your issue could be resolved with a decent insulated water bottle.

Spend Money on a Quality Umbrella Before You Need it.

Most people don’t give their umbrellas — or lack thereof — much thought until they find themselves in the thick of a rainstorm. Invest in a dependable umbrella now so you’ll be prepared the next time it’s predicted to rain rather than immediately purchasing a cheap one from a drugstore. Good umbrellas withstand strong winds and are far superior to the flimsy gas station umbrellas that flip inside out with the slightest breeze.

Organize Your Most Bothersome Shelf, Cabinet, or Drawer.

Choose the little, messy area that irritates you the most — a jumbled junk drawer, a cosmetics case, a disorganized pantry — and spend a few minutes fixing it permanently. You might be able to get away with turning rigid cardboard delivery boxes into organizers for T-shirts, sweaters, and athletic gear for dresser drawers and the like. If you don’t like the logos glaring you in the face every time you open your drawer, you can beautify unsightly boxes using contact paper.

Store Extra Cleaning Materials in the Areas Where You Use them the most.

Moving your cleaning products throughout the house doesn’t make cleaning any simpler because cleaning is a labor in and of itself. Give each of the areas you clean the most regularly, such as the kitchen and bathroom, a caddy or container loaded with extra tools, and cleaning supplies. Without having to gather supplies each time you clean, you’ll have all you need.

Spend a Little Extra on the Things You Enjoy in order to Develop Healthier Habits.

Call it a life hack, a form of aspirational buying, a planned indulgence, the sunk cost effect, or whatever you want: Spending a few dollars on the supplies you’ll need to carry out a new regimen will boost the likelihood that you’ll really stick with it. Take journaling as an example; if you’ve always wanted to make more time for it, consider rewarding yourself with a lovely diary or a particular pen. Spend an extra dollar or two on more luxurious floss if you detest flossing. Check out TrueGether, one of the best alternatives to eBay, for great deals on such amazing products.