7 Ways to Maintain Your Fitness While Traveling

3 min readOct 29, 2022

Although finding the motivation to exercise while traveling might be challenging, there are several tested methods of staying healthy and fit while traveling. We’ll look at the best advice for staying healthy and in shape while traveling. It makes no difference what sort of workout schedule you follow at home.

Everything is different while you’re driving, and you have to consider a lot of factors that might disturb your hectic day. You can return from your travel in much better form if you can figure out how to get over these obstacles. This post will show you how to stay in shape when traveling so that you won’t have to stress about getting back in shape after you return home.

1. Get to Know the City

Nothing beats burning calories while also discovering new places. A 60-minute stroll will burn between 250 and 300 calories, but you won’t know how many you’ve dropped until you get home. Additionally, walking can improve heart health, reduce blood sugar, and lessen joint discomfort. You may look for a reputable personal trainer in Abu Dhabi to assist you to keep in shape if you happen to be in the UAE.

2. Engage in Brief, High-Intensity Bursts of Exercise.

A healthy traveler should engage in this type of exercise since it not only allows for significant time savings but also increases calorie expenditure by double. So, engage in high-intensity, brief-duration exercise, often known as HIIT, and utilize the rest of your precious time to pursue your passions.

3. Consume Adequate Liquids

The most crucial thing to remember when traveling is to stay hydrated. With all the touring and flying, it’s easy to forget to hydrate when on a hectic trip. When you are moving, water should be your top priority. You can maintain your attention and physical fitness. Purchase a large bottle of water to have with you at all times, and be sure you refresh it often.

4. Go on Excursions That Will Make Your Heart Rate Rise.

You may engage in sports like hiking, swimming, rock climbing, or kayaking wherever you are. There are countless options. These activities might be the finest medication, even if you are not searching for an adrenaline rush. It has been demonstrated that being near trees, greenery, and clean air is beneficial for humans.

5. Purchase Elastic Bands

If you want to work out inside, elastic bands are perfect. You can transport them wherever and they are really useful. The best aspect is that they have the same muscle-building effects as free weights or other exercise equipment. Another option that is portable, useful, and beneficial for your workouts, particularly the aerobic ones, is a jump rope.

6. Keep an Eye on the Meals You Consume.

Even the most seasoned travelers might lose their nutrition game while leaving on a work trip, vacation, or visit to relatives. The strong temptation of being away from home and routine might cause you to overeat and forget about your regular diet. To assist you enjoy the food you’ve taken with you, you may pack a few travel-friendly kitchen items like forks, plates, a tiny, useful sharp knife, and cloth napkins.

7. Rest Well

You need to sleep to stay healthy. Everyone requires sleep to maintain fitness, feel rejuvenated, and get the most out of their efforts. Don’t forget to obtain at least 8 hours of sleep each night because better sleep decreases stress and improves your overall physical performance.

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