6 Ways to Stay Productive

3 min readJan 28, 2024

We all faced the Corona pandemic and who would have thought that the entire world would be caught in the same situation at the same time? But here we are and we never know when we would be stuck in the lockdown, we faced in the previous years. So why don’t we make the best of it? I personally think that we should take this time to learn new things and do things we haven’t got the time to do but always wanted to do. Well, if you are struggling to find things to do and be productive, I have a couple of suggestions that you may want to try.

  • Learn a New Language

The first thing you can do maybe is learn a new language. Now YouTube is a great way and a great resource to learn and pick up some new languages. Learn something you’ve always been curious about. You can also find some mobile applications that teach new languages with interactive practice sessions for free. So, do give it a try.

  • Learn How to do Make-up

The second suggestion is mainly for girls. If you have been trying to learn make-up for a very long time but haven’t got the time to really practice, I think now is the time. If you are trying to get your base application or eye shadow right for the longest time, now is the time to do it. So, head over to the YouTube videos, check out some tutorials, and make the best use of these. If you are looking for the right products to do your make-up, you might want to check out TrueGether, which is a Shopify Alternative. You can get branded make-up products for yourself and that too in the least time possible!

  • Bake Something!

The third thing I have to suggest to you is to try and learn to bake something. Try to bake cakes, cookies, and biscuits which you have never ever done in your life. You can bake your favorite chocolate cake, banana bread, or something that you have always loved. Try and make that yourself!

  • Clean Out Your Wardrobe

The fourth suggestion that I have is to organize your wardrobe or closet. I am sure a lot of you would have done that by now. But if you haven’t, please do because it feels so good to get rid of unwanted clothes and have an organized wardrobe. Trust me it gives you really good satisfaction.

  • Create a Content Bank

This mainly is for content writers or creators. If you often feel like struggling to think of content ideas, now is the time you can create a content bank for yourself. Jot down all the ideas you have right now and you can possibly think of. Keep referring back and improving your ideas. So when the time to write or create content comes, you don’t have to brainstorm for ideas. This is really an effective method to deal with the creator’s block.

  • Pick Up a New Hobby

The last suggestion I have is to pick up a new hobby. You can learn guitar or any musical instrument you might have at home lying around. You can learn calligraphy, do origami, etc. Well, there are a lot of things which you can do. So, think of something, search the web, and you will definitely find something for you.

So, these are some suggestions which would help you be productive. Hope you all liked them and got some inspiration for yourself as well.