6 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Every Indian Bride

4 min readNov 18, 2021


Traditional jewelry is always a must-have for a bridal appearance. Most of you are probably familiar with the Solah Srinagar, which translates to “16 bridal adornments.” It comprises sixteen pieces that a bride can use to accessorize herself from head to toe on her wedding day. The modern millennial bride, on the other hand, defies these conventions and does not always wear all sixteen items. She will dress comfortably, but she will make sure to complete her ensemble with the appropriate decorations, which she will either inherit from her ancestors or purchase from her favorite store. Here’s a list of the most important items of jewelry to include in your bridal ensemble.

1. A Bridal Set

A bridal set includes a necklace as well as jhumkis. The first and most important item in a bride’s trousseau is her wedding gown. A Rani Haar (a long necklace with several chains) and wedding chokers are two of the most popular necklace types.

2. Mang Teeka

A bride’s Mang Teeka is a must-have piece of jewelry. With a drop pendant that lies in the center of her forehead, the sixth chakra, this hair ornament is put on the bride’s hairline. According to Hindu mythology, this signifies the third eye, or, to put it another way, the power of the soul. On a spiritual, physical, and emotional level, it is also the center of preservation, symbolizing the divine union of the man and woman. This beautiful jewelry is now available in several forms and is worn by ladies all over the world, not only Indian brides.

3. Hathphool

On the palms and fingers of a bride, no other jewelry appears as exquisite as a Hathphool. The name Hathphool means “flower of the hand,” and it is a flower-shaped gem fashioned for the backs of the palms. It’s also known as a Panchangala (five-finger gem), Haath Kamal (hand chain), or Hath Panja (hand chain). The hathphool was popularised by Mughal courtesans, but it is now worn by brides from many walks of life. In terms of design, this item has progressed. It ranges from heavy and opulent for a wedding to modest and stylish for casual use.

4. Nath

A Nath is a sort of nose ring that is worn in the left nostril and gives a lot of charm to the overall appearance. This ethnic work is said to be a homage to Parvati, the Marriage Goddess. In today’s world, you don’t have to wear a hefty one if it makes you uncomfortable. There are other lighter options available, such as a clip-on, which is the ideal option if you don’t get your nose pierced.

5. Bridal Bracelets or Bangles

Without bangles or several kadas, wedding attire is never complete (bridal bracelets). The customary red and green glass bangles are no longer worn by modern brides. Instead, she favors churis in white, gold, and diamonds. Bangles have long been a part of Indian culture, and every bride should have a pair that complements her wedding gown since they not only make her hands seem larger but also add a lot of beauty to the ensemble.

6. Payal (Anklets)

With such elegance, a modest or lavishly made Payal or anklet completes a bride’s outfit. When a bride walks, a payal, which is made of silver metal and adorned with beads or hanging bells, makes a ringing sound. It is thought that a bride wearing payals on her feet heralds the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi. It’s an embellishment to the bride’s henna artwork, which is applied to her feet.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, let me know if you think any additional jewelry pieces, other than the ones listed above, are vital to your bridal trousseau in the comments below. You can get the best and timeless jewelry pieces from this alternative to Shopify at reasonable rates.




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