5 Tips to Become an Efficient Artist

Whenever you watch an artist painting, you might wonder that how do they do it so efficiently and without any hesitation. They take minutes to fill their canvas with colors. The reason is their experience. They are clear in their mind what they want and their brushes flow according to that. They remain calm and calculated throughout the process.

But don’t worry. Here, I am presenting the top 5 tips that will help you paint efficiently and faster!

1. Use Larger Brushes for your Paintings

Most artists use small to medium-sized brushes to paint. But this increases the time and effort of the artist. You must use large brushes for your paintings. The smaller ones are just for fine details, depending on the type of painting style you are up to.

Palette Knife is also an extremely useful piece of equipment to create bold strokes in a lesser amount of time as it is not possible with a brush.

2. Use More Broad Strokes

You should use broad and gestural strokes when you start with a painting to capture the essence of the theme of your painting. Just go with the flow with your brushes. Use full arm movement to make broad strokes and not just your wrist. Don’t restrict yourself. You can get yourself premium quality art supplies from TrueGether. You will find various categories and options to choose from for your comfort.

3. Simplifying Noise

Completing a painting with perfection and accuracy will take you ages to get done with. You should focus on what is the most important element in your painting and highlight it. Rest should be simplified because everything else will work well even if painted out of focus. Your key element should leave no stone unturned to highlight. So have your complete focus on that.

4. Planning your Paintings

Spend an adequate amount of time planning your paintings. By doing so, most of your work will be done even before picking up the brush. The planning process includes decision making, picture collection, analysis of pictures, making a proper strategy, and prepare the material required to make the painting.

5. Don’t Paint Complicated Subjects

Complicated subjects lead to a lot of mental stress and pressure. They also take so much time to complete and achieve perfection. It should be noted that picking up a basic subject to paint is not an easy task. In fact, it can even be more challenging sometimes. In such cases, your handling of the brushes and other artistic elements acquire more importance than the subject. You can focus on aspects like brushwork, color, and also value.

Since experience is the key to master the art of becoming an artist, don’t stop yourself from reaching there. Keep working hard on your strokes and arm movement. Don’t forget that you need to reach the point where you can paint without hesitation. For that, paint efficiently and faster, but not recklessly.

Happy Painting!



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