3 Ideas for Selecting the Ideal Flooring

3 min readOct 8, 2022

Any flooring you select must be both aesthetically pleasing and functional for your house, as well as within your price range. Luxury Flooring & Furnishings elaborates on these ideas in this blog post to provide advice on how to choose flooring that you won’t regret.

1. Select Flooring that Matches Your Decor

Ensuring your floor doesn’t conflict with anything else in your house is vital. Although the most popular flooring colors, neutral tones like brown, beige, black, grey, or white, are unlikely to clash with another decor, it is still possible to overpower a space with one color. Because of this, I advise either coming up with a theme or combining some vivid colors with other neutral tones. Consider employing wood furniture and green or blue accessories to depict nature when decorating with a wood floor, for instance. As an alternative, you may create a monochromatic theme by combining black and white; you can perhaps add some red to give it a more adult appearance.

2. Attend to Your Realistic Needs

It should go without saying that various flooring options have various applications. If you want flooring that will endure a lifetime and be present throughout generations, if not centuries, of people living in your house, solid wood is the finest option. However, engineered wood flooring may also last a lifetime and is better equipped to tolerate warping and shrinking from moisture, temperature changes, and humidity, making it perfect for kitchens where spills are common.

However, you need something water-resistant for bathrooms, such as laminate, which may accurately mimic the appearance of wood or tile and is scratch-resistant. These advantages are also offered by vinyl floor tiles, but they are completely waterproof, so even if water seeps in between the gaps, there won’t be any water damage. For individuals who seek value and don’t need need to trick people into thinking the floor is truly wood or tiles, vinyl is also softer and more cushioned underfoot.

3. Avoid Falling for Brand Name Tricks

Even if some of the most well-known brands use wood from the same trees as non-branded flooring, they charge considerably more for it simply because of the prestige of the brand name! Search for alternatives that don’t do this, but be sure to first purchase free samples to examine and feel the product firsthand. This is necessary in order to prevent disappointment because you are about to make such a significant decision. Additionally, the larger names provide numerous unbranded wood, laminate, and LVT flooring to smaller and inexpensive merchants, so sometimes you are receiving the exact same product made in the same way, only under a different name.

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